Earthen Vaults


April 10-11
April 15-16


Terlingua, TX



Arches, Vaults, and Domes

April 10th through 11th or April 15th through 16th

There is something captivating about arches, vaults, and domes. The ability to bridge large spans with heavy earth or stone has been practiced, refined, and admired for much of human history, but is increasingly rare in modern construction despite the undeniable elegance, longevity, and efficiency of these techniques. Students will get a hands-on introduction to this ancient art while participating in the construction of a large barrel-vault roof spanning 14-feet. The theory and structural principles of arches, vaults, domes and other thin shell structures will be covered. Renowned earth builder Jim Hallock will teach many aspects of earth block construction including soil testing, mix design, compressed earth block machinery and production, earthen mortar, and lime plaster.

Teacher Jim Hallock

For three decades Jim Hallock has devoted himself to the production, construction, and promotion of Compressed Earth Block. From pioneering work in lime stabilization to running the world’s largest earth block project in Loreto Bay Mexico, Jim has worked to make earthen construction (with its many environmental and health benefits) more available, durable, and affordable in our times.


Duration: 2 days, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm daily.
Breakfast and lunch are included, and dinner is available at the Terlingua Ranch Lodge and in the Terlingua Ghost Town.

Day 1

Orientation and tour.
Compressed earth block production demo.
“Lab and blab” - topics in soil testing, stabilization, benefits of building with CEB, and more.
Structural principles of arches, vaults, and domes.

Day 2

Vault building principles and hands-on practice.

$200 - Includes Workshop, Meals, CEB Manual, and Optional Camping

Breakfast and lunch are included, and dinner is available at the Terlingua Ranch Lodge and in the Terlingua Ghost Town. We will fire up our earthen oven for a wood-fired pizza dinner celebration on the last day.

Our mission is to provide high-quality education at an affordable price. The Workshop price covers our direct costs. If you are able, please consider an additional donation to support our future programs and allow us to provide scholarships for individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend. Please email us if you would like to participate but cost is an obstacle. $50 discount for Students and Locals.

Who should attend?

All skill levels are welcome. We recommended participants be 18+ or 12+ if accompanied by an adult. The course is well suited to seasoned builders, beginners, students, professionals, and homeowners alike.

Location and Transportation

School of Constructive Arts Main Campus
1316 Snake Road Alpine, TX 79830

The School of Constructive Arts is based in the Big Bend Region of West Texas, in an International Biosphere Reserve, between Big Bend National and State Parks, and within the largest dark sky reserve in the world. This remote location requires some planning to get to. Our campus is just off the Terlingua Ranch Road, 60 miles south of Alpine. The closest airports are in Midland/Odessa (4 hours by car) and El Paso (3.5 hours). There is an Amtrak station in Alpine, TX. It is recommended to have a vehicle during the course of the week, though carpooling can be coordinated. If you are willing to ride share from the airport please let us know. Pick-ups can be arranged in Alpine and Marfa for arrival and departure, but not daily commutes.


We have reserved rooms and campsites at the Terlingua Ranch Lodge to be available to workshop participants. Rooms contain two queen-size beds. Please specify if you would like to book an entire cabin or share a cabin with another attendee. If you would like to arrange lodging beyond the program dates or have other specific requests please reach out. Because we cannot anticipate the number of participants who will require accommodations, rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Contact us asap to reserve your place.

About Us

The School of Constructive Arts is a field-school teaching design, building, and ecology through direct participation and experimentation. Our approach combines ancestral knowledge of natural materials and energy with advancing technology and contemporary building techniques to advance sustainable models of living for our time. Through our ‘build through teaching, and teach through building’ approach we are establishing our campus in the Big Bend. The workshops, residences, and land here allow us to support hands-on educational programs, individual research, experimentation, and innovation.

Compressed Earth Blocks?

Compressed Earth Block (CEB’s) combine the environmental, comfort, and health benefits of earthen construction with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. Compressed earth block walls are fireproof, bug-proof, sound-proof, and bullet-proof. They mitigate extreme changes in heat and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment, and earth blocks are healthy for the environment as a whole. They utilize readily available, local materials, require very little energy or water to manufacture, generate no harmful waste, last for centuries, and create buildings which are energy-efficient to operate.