The School of Constructive Arts is a field school teaching regenerative design, building, and ecology through direct observation, participation, and experimentation. Our approach integrates ancestral knowledge of natural materials and energy with advancing technology and contemporary building techniques to derive sustainable models of living for our time.

We are building our campus in the Big Bend region of West Texas. The workshops, residences, and land here allow us to support hands-on educational programs, research, and experimentation. Beyond this site-specific laboratory for direct study, we aim to bring these essential ideas, tools, and innovations to people beyond our campus. We are developing a services branch and partnering with communities to apply our regenerative design and ‘build through teaching’ approach to needed projects in the Big Bend and beyond. To further increase access we are beginning to publish media, share research, and compile resources in an open online format. In the ‘Learn’ portion of this website you will find the first step towards this open visual library.