The School of Constructive Arts is a laboratory for innovation, but innovations mean little if not utilized beyond our campus. Recognizing the demand for sophisticated environmental design and building techniques we have begun to offer services for hire. Partnering with SCA puts our combined experience to the service of your project while helping us fund continued research and education. Our design, analysis, and construction services help individuals and communities build to the highest environmental standards, using local materials, and cost-effective time tested approaches. Our team has decades of combined experience and partnerships with specialists enable us to draw upon an even broader wealth of expertise. Beyond consultation we are investing in equipment to improve the performance and efficiency of earthen construction. We have begun to manufacture and sell compressed earth blocks and plan to offer additional construction services on select projects.  Whether you are just starting to dream of living off-grid or have a century old building that needs care, we want to make your project a success.

Request a free consultation or learn more about our Compressed Earth Block, Earth Building, Project Planning and Design, Regenerative Systems, and Construction Support services.

Compressed Earth Block

We have established an earth block production plant and are beginning to produce earth blocks at our campus on the Terlingua Ranch. If you are interested in building with earth block, visit our Earth Block page for details on upcoming CEB production runs.

Compressed Earth Block (CEB) combines the timeless environmental, comfort, and health benefits of earthen construction with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. Compressed earth block walls are fireproof, bug-proof, sound-proof, and bullet-proof. They mitigate extreme changes in heat and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment, and earth blocks are healthy for the environment as a whole. They utilize readily available, local materials, require very little energy or water to manufacture, generate no harmful waste, and create energy-efficient buildings which can last for centuries.

Earth Building Consultation / Soil Analysis and Mix Design

Earthen construction has been a major focus of the School of Constructive Arts from the start. We have built with adobe, cob, earthbag, and compressed earth block. When Jim Hallock joined our team in 2022 he brought 30 years of experience and a new level of sophistication to SCA, training our team in precise soil analysis, stabilization, and mix design. If you are interested in building with Earth we can help in a variety of ways.

  • Design Review and Construction Details
  • Soil Analysis
  • Stabilization and Mix Design
  • Cost Estimating
  • Building Techniques, Tools, and Equipment
  • On-site Advice and Training

Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Project Planning and Design

Buildings that are whole and alive require care and attention from the start. We offer project planning services connecting our holistic approach to foundational decisions about spaces and activities, size and cost, and site and phasing. When these decisions are made well the architectural design develops naturally as spaces are tailored to life within, to one another, to the sun, wind, water, land, and life outside. Construction methods and whole-cycle building systems can be provisioned from the start rather than added on after the fact. Employing regenerative design at the outset not only creates better spaces, but it also saves time and money during construction and over the life of the building. Retrofits and remodels are expensive. We can help you get it right from the start. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Regenerative Systems

Our team has experience in the design and implementation of a range of regenerative building systems and land restoration practices including:

  • Rainwater Catchment
  • Greywater Recycling
  • Waterless Waste Management
  • Off-grid Energy Systems
  • Natural and Recycled Materials
  • Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation with Sun, Wind, and Water
  • Surface Water Diversion and Erosion Control
  • Low Water Irrigation

There are many resources (see Learn page) and we encourage everyone to experiment on their own. That said, a little advice, technical understanding, and prior experience can go a long way. We offer ‘tech support’ for the DIY builder as well as complete design and planning services for those who want to streamline their project. Building for a healthy environment does not have to be an expensive and complicated process. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Construction Support

We can mobilize our team and equipment to offer direct construction assistance on select projects. In this capacity, we would act as a subcontractor providing specialized assistance on earth building and regenerative systems that most general contractors might not be able to provide. We intend to focus on projects that serve the community and exhibit a high standard of environmental design. On such projects it may be possible to engage the local community and visiting students in the building process. Contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist with your construction project.