Fall 2024 CEB Production Run 

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting to sell Compressed Earth Blocks to the public this Fall. We have received many inquires and have decided to combine these orders into a single block run. If you would like us to make earth blocks for your project this Fall, please contact us.

We will be primarily producing stabilized and unstabilized 10" x 14" x 3.5" earth blocks. 6" x 12" and exterior grade diamond blocks are also available by special order. Cost ranges from $3-$5 per block depending on options. Learn more about block options.

We can accept a limited number of orders and the deadline to submit an order is September 1st, 2024.

Why Compressed Earth Block? 

Compressed Earth Block (CEB) combines the timeless environmental, comfort, and health benefits of earthen construction with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. Mechanical mixing equipment and a hydraulic press transform raw soil into solid blocks which exceed the performance of conventional materials. Compressed earth block walls are fireproof, bug-proof, sound-proof, and bullet-proof. They mitigate extreme changes in heat and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment, and earth blocks are healthy for the environment as a whole. They utilize readily available, local materials, require very little energy or water to manufacture, generate no harmful waste, can last for centuries, and create buildings which are energy-efficient to operate.

Timeless Advantages of Earth Building

Regulates Temperature
Balances Humidity
No Mold, Insects, or Rot
Local Materials
Low Energy

Modern Advantages of CEB

Resistant to Water
Less Labor
Faster Production
Lower Cost
Uniform Dimensions
Less Mortar
Less Water Use
Higher Strength
Easier Faster Construction

Block Sizes and Shapes

Standard block size is 10" x 14" x 3.5", which can be used for a single wythe 10" or 14" wall with 4" courses. 10" x 14" blocks weigh about 38 lbs each.

We can also produce a 6" x 12" x 3.5" block, which can be laid in two wythes for a 12" wall. 6" x 12" blocks weigh about 20 lbs each. 

We can produce 10" x 14" and 6" x 12" blocks in any custom thickness between 1.5" - 4".

By special order we can produce holey blocks to accomodate steel reinforcement, and 4" x 12" which can be used similar to brick veneer. Contact us for details.


By adding a small percentage of lime hydrate or portland cement earth blocks can be made water resistant. The specifics of stabilization are nuanced but we offer three basic types of stabilization:

Unstabilized CEB is similar to adobe brick. These blocks need to be plastered to prevent exterior weathering damage.

By adding 5% to 7% lime hydrate we are able to make CEB’s that are water resistant. These are our most common block produced and suitable for a wide range of projects. If your project has unique weathering or strength requirements, additional stabilization may be added.

Diamond Block (Exposed Exterior)
By carefully controling the mix of soil, stabilizers, and agregates we are able to produce blocks suitable for exposed exterior use. Blocks will weather but will not erode. This is our strongest block available and we have tested blocks at 3000 psi. Suitable for exposed walls, earthen vaults, and other critical locations.

Block Production on Your Site With Your Soil

We are able to deploy our equipment and team to produce CEB's on your site with your soil. This can be a more cost effective option for larger projects or where community labor may be available to assist in production. We can also teach workshops to empower your community to build with earth.

Have Questions about Design and Construction with CEB?

We have a range of resources available in the Learn section of our website. In addition to making CEB, we can provide architectural engineering and construction support to help ensure your earth building project is a success. See our Services page for more information.